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        We design, build, and seamlessly integrate electronic, electro-mechanical, and
        opto-mechanical hardware

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        "All photos on this site are of actual projects designed by Henning Engineering"
        Manual Single Site MEMS Linear Accelerometer Test Fixture

        Manual single site MEMS linear accelerometer test fixture

        Top view of 8 site MEMS angular accelerometer contactor PCB

        Top view of 8 site MEMS angular accelerometer contactor PCB

        Automated contactor for high current LED testing

        Automated contactor for high current LED testing

        Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Test Fixtures


        Henning Engineering has extensive experience designing test fixtures for a wide variety of electronic components.   We specialize in designing custom test fixtures for applications where a standard bed of nails or IC contactor type of solution is not possible.   Many customers come to us because they cannot find a solution from any other vendor.

        Some examples of test fixtures we have designed include:

        All of these examples have one thing in common: the input or output of the device is not electrical, the device has to be tested in a special environment, or the device has some special requirements that require strong electro-mechanical design skills.   Often the test fixture is the weak link in the test system for testing these types of devices.   Many customers have come to us with test systems that were completely functional but lacking a working test fixture solution.

        Design of test fixtures for applications like these require a lot of creativity and very close coordination between the electrical design and the mechanical design.   It is precisely this type of design work that is Henning Engineering's greatest strength.   We can provide seamless integration of the test fixture components resulting in a fixture design unmatched by anyone.

        MEMS Test Fixtures

        Testing MEMS poses a unique challenge since you are testing the electrical response to mechanical phenomena.   This is a critical problem since the mechanical stimulus occurs on a much larger time scale.   Testing pressure devices is a good example.   For this reason, testing devices in parallel is highly desirable and the more the better.   Our skill at seamlessly integrating mechanical and electrical design allows us to produce clean multi-site fixture designs that perform smoothly and jam free at high speed of operation.

        In the case of inertial sensors we have developed a proprietary design for actuating the fixture that drastically decreases its overall mass while at the same time reduces the overall size.   This maximizes the modulus to density ratio of the fixture high resulting in a superior fixture design.

        Engineering Test Fixtures

        Often customers will have us first design a single site test fixture that is manually operated.   This type of fixture, often called an engineering test fixture, is simpler than a production fixture and the lead time to design and build is much shorter.   The benefits of this type of fixture include:

        After successful testing and evaluation of the part using the engineering  fixture, a multi-site fixture for production is then designed.

        Test Head Interface

        Test fixtures will often require some additional design to properly interface to the test electronics.   If the customer already has a test system we can design an interface.   We have designed hardware to interface fixtures with commercially available IC testers, rack mounted VXI/PXI test equipment, and custom designed testers.   Using test electronics that the customer already has, and is familiar with, is often the fastest way to a working solution.   Also some DUTs will require special electronics to be designed and located as close as possible to the test fixture.   We have designed custom load boards, redesigned test heads, modified test head sheet metal enclosures, and designed special cabling including interfacing through temperature chambers to meet these requirements.