1. Complex Electronic Product Design and Prototyping
        237 East Main St. Gloucester, MA   01930
        Phone: 978-219-9009
        Email: designinfo@henning-eng.com

        We design, build, and seamlessly integrate electronic, electro-mechanical, and
        opto-mechanical hardware

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        Sheet Metal Designs

        Shown below are some examples of sheet metal parts that we designed for some of our projects.   Our system involves using SolidWorks to design the flat pattern and then having the parts laser cut and formed.   This system allows for a very quick turn since almost any shape can be cut with a laser and there is no need for special punch and die tooling.   Good sheet metal capability is a nice asset when combined with electronic and electro-mechanical design and prototyping since it allows us to provide clean robust packaging, enclosures, and sheet metal parts for our projects.

        Sheetmetal bracket for heatsink

        Sheet metal bracket for a heatsink which was part of a LED evaluation kit.

        LED evaluation heatsink and bracket assembly

        Bracket and associated heatsink, fan and connector PCB.

        sheetmetal box for LED demo kit

        Sheet metal cabinet for a power supply and drivers for a LED light engine.

        sheetmetal box for LED demo kit

        Sheet metal cabinet for a LED demonstration kit.