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        Linear MEMS Accelerometer Test Fixture Pictures

        Shown below are some pictures of test fixtures and components Henning Engineering designed for testing linear accelerometers.

        16 site MEMS accelerometer test fixture

        Parts from 16 Site X-Axis MEMS Accelerometer Test Fixture including contactor PCB.   The test fixture was used to test MEMS accelerometers which used as sensors in an automobile airbag system.

        Single site manual MEMS accelerometer test fixture

        Single site manual MEMS accelerometer test fixture.   This fixture is designed for engineering evaluation of MEMS.   The part is manually inserted and secured in place with screws.   This particular fixture is designed to mount to a Unholtz-Dickie S092 shaker armature face.   Holes on side of block allow fixture to be mounted for testing in X, Y, and Z axis.   We can build this fixture custom designed to work with most MEMS package styles.   Fixture can be used for linear accelerometers and cross axis evaluation of both linear and angular accelerometers.

        Single site manual MEMS accelerometer test fixture Close Up

        PCB is custom designed for each application and can include bypass caps, any other necessary components, and test points.   Fixtures can also be designed to work in a temperature chamber for tri temp testing.

        Single site manual MEMS accelerometer test fixture PCB

        Close up view of housing for clamping package in place.

        Test fixture mounting block

        Close up view of mounting block.   Designed allows fixture to be mounted in X, Y, and Z axis orientations.   We can fabricate block out of either aluminum or magnesium.

        Test fixture mounting block Close Up