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    Complex Electronic Product Design and Prototyping
    237 East Main St. Gloucester, MA   01930
    Phone: 978-219-9009
    Email: designinfo@henning-eng.com

    We design, build, and seamlessly integrate electronic, electro-mechanical, and
    opto-mechanical hardware

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    Example Projects

    "All photos on this site are of actual projects designed by Henning Engineering"
    3 axis Manual Accelerometer Test Fixture

    3-axis MEMS accelerometer test fixture

    High brightness LED driver with PWM dimming

    High brightness LED driver with PWM dimming.

    Angular Accelerometer Test Fixture System

    Angular MEMS accelerometer test system



    Henning Engineering is a hardware engineering consulting company specializing in electronic, electro-mechanical, and opto-mechanical design.  

    What makes us unique is our superior ability to seamlessly and creatively integrate the electronic and mechanical design processes.   We can design a solution for your application and give you reliable, fully functional prototypes and hardware in a timely fashion.  

    Our projects have included applications for chemical engineers, physicists, chemists, electrical engineers, and biologists.   All of our clients appreciate the clean and seamless integration of electrical and mechanical design that they could not get from any other source.

    Henning Engineering is equipped to do design, prototype manufacture and small scale production.   We can take your idea, concept, or problem and apply our electrical and mechanical skills to develop a working prototype, product or instrument that is both practical and easy to manufacture.


    Examples of Past Projects